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Our server's are located in same data centres as many of the worlds largest financial institutions and exchanges ensuring your trades are executed at lighting speed.

Once you place an order, your VPS will be operational within 60 seconds.

All our VPS come with a 7 day money back guarantee.

Cloudflare Partner

93% Uptime Guarantee

Optimised for Gaming

Provide users with convenient Internet acceleration services. Our comprehensive platform support provides you with simple, efficient and high quality lines. Other services are subsequently launched.


About opening recommended rebate rules

When a new user you invite is making a first payment, you will receive the following commission ratio.

Commissions can only be withdrawn to the website balance. (total plan amount)

Eyeworld Service A 25%

Eyeworld Service B 25%

Eyeworld Service C  20%

Eyeworld Service D  20%

Acceptable use Policy

Acceptable use Policy Using our Services requires common sense, and you agree not to use the Services in ways that violate the law, harm other people or our network, or breach Internet community standards. And you agree not use the Services to enable others to do those things. We have set out specific prohibited activities in this acceptable use ...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloudflare Partner?

Cloudflare's Railgun uses advanced network optimization to ensure delivery of customer content as quickly as possible. In the past, most web content could not be cached because they were dynamic. However, even dynamic content changes very slowly and cannot be cached. Railgun tracks page changes, keeps track down to bytes, and only sends the actual changed bytes across the network. Railgun achieves a compression ratio of 99.6%, which means that content that used to require 200 packets in the past can now be sent with a single packet. This brings a 140% performance boost to website visitors.

99.6% compression between your data center and the closest Cloudflare data center to website visitors, free for Cloudflare partners

You can try our free service with our Cloudflare RailgunFree.

Which regional server nodes do you have?

We have Hong Kong Taiwan Japan Singapore in the Asia Pacific region and Portland, USA in North America.

Why are there restrictions on purchase?

Due to OFAC restrictions, we don't accept orders from the following countries:

  • Cuba, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria.

Get Support

We support work orders or online chats and emails to provide user support. Reply as quickly as possible within six hours. Holidays do not provide support.